Enabling and igniting young minds to realize their potential through personal mentoring.

Our Belief

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." - Albert Einstein

Core Team

Dr. Arthi Gerald

Founder & CEO

Dr. Arthi Gerald has over 18 years of experience in the higher education space and is passionate about experiential learning. For over a decade as part of Wadhwani Foundation, a silicon valley based non-profit, she has worked with leading academicians from Institutes across the globe such as Stanford, Columbia University, London Business School and Babson to adopt their best practices in entrepreneurship education. She has designed and delivered several student Leadership Program and Mentor Development programs offered to thousands of students and faculty in global geographies. Her experience in enabling experiential learning pedagogy in several academic institutions was an opportunity to appreciate varied learning requirements. Her deep understanding of the education system in developed economies makes it most relevant for helping students to pursue their dreams of studying abroad. She has founded Future Edu with a vision to institutionalize career readiness in schools through proven career mentoring practices from global academic communities. Having mentored several students to identify a meaningful career path, she finds it greatly satisfying to shape the future of youngsters. Her focus on the parent-child connect has enabled many families to actively support their children to realize their potential. She holds a Ph.D. in Management and is certified by Stanford University's Entrepreneurship Educators Course and London Business School's Tools for Growth Mentor Program. She is also certified by CAPT, USA in the MMTIC Program which is exclusively meant for working with young children and teens.

Sujaya Rao

Co-founder & COO

Sujaya is a Career mentor, Startup specialist, Trainer and Consultant, having over 28 years of experience in the education sector, kick starting as a career counsellor. She is passionate about working with students to develop life skills, helping them set realistic academic and career goals and plan towards it.
Sujaya has facilitated several programs across institutions in India and Southeast Asia to improve student skills and help create an employable workforce as part of the Wadhwani Foundation. She has worked with the Times Group in the education domain, enabling institutions to network with corporates. Having engaged with varied student audiences across global geographies through the student leadership programs, Sujaya constantly works closely with institutions to customize delivery of programs to benefit different stakeholders. She has also counselled several students and their parents on personal issues affecting the academic performance. Her belief is that experiential learning enables students in building critical thinking skills that helps them have a competitive advantage globally. She also mentors startups and is a trainer with several state government institutions that promote entrepreneurship education. She is certified by Stanford University's Entrepreneurship Educators Course, London Business School’s Tools for Growth Mentor program and as a WF Coach.She is a recipient of the Top 100 Leaders in Education Award by GFEL 2019.

Akhila Doraswamy

Counsellor & Learning Environment Specialist

Akhila has close to 12 years of experience in the counselling and education space, including entrepreneurship education. She has a passion and keen interest in working with children, particularly in the areas of emotional intelligence and thinking skills. She enjoys providing children a whole new perspective to learning rather than just the academic through several content modules she has developed. She was involved in the design and implementation of whole-school intervention programs focusing on the emotional, physical and sexual safety of children. She has also written for the children’s section of a monthly publication on these topics. Akhila played a key role in developing the Indian Social-Emotional Learning Framework (I-SELF), as a core member of the research team at The Teacher Foundation. I-SELF is a framework that facilitates the social-emotional development of children. As a counselor, she has been closely working with children, adolescents and adults for the past 5 years, and has completed the Basic Skills in Counselling Course, Child & Adolescent Course at Parivarthan Counselling Centre, Bangalore. She also holds an MA in Psychology.

Snehal Sujit Padhye

Counsellor & Life Skills Trainer

Being in the space of Counselling and education for the past 16 years now, Snehal Sujit Padhye a trained Counsellor, Life skills trainer and a Clinical psychologist. She has expanded her repertoire of age group of people she works with as well as the number of families and individuals she actively engages with. She appropriately associates with them to help them achieve their life goals, guide their journey, and attain emotional and mental well-being. She has been trained to work with young children, adolescents, families and adults to provide a non-judgmental, tolerant and safe, confidential and ethical environment to explore their areas of life. Currently, she free lances as a Counsellor, trainer and an educator. She is also a coordinator for a telephonic counselling helpline. She enjoys learning and also being on the other side, which is training and mentoring. Prior to this she has taught at undergraduate and middle and high school level in esteemed institutions like Father Agnels Engineering College -Mumbai, Christ University- Bangalore and Inventure Academy- Bangalore. She is passionate about her work and believes in working with individuals to improve the quality of their lives. She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.


Dr. Selena Fisk

Student Impact Data Consultant and Advisor

Dr Selena Fisk has 16 years of experience in education including leadership roles in student performance, social justice, teaching and academic leadership in Australia and in the UK. She has held a range of roles in her career, including learning area- specific leadership and whole-school curriculum and pedagogy. Following completion of her doctoral thesis in students’ perceptions on feedback in 2017, Selena began her data consultancy practice, Aasha for Schools. In this role, Selena works with schools, leaders and regions to help educators develop data-informed strategies that cultivate flourishing learning communities. Selena is passionate about using data in ways that 'catch out' student potential, and in ways that helps school communities, teachers and students succeed. Her focus is on ensuring that students are the center of all data conversations, and that educators move through the data literacy and visualisation stages to the most important step of all - data storytelling. Selena is committed to maximising student voice, focusing on positive psychology, and developing well-calibrated mindsets. She is the author of Using and Analysing Data in Australian Schools: Why, How and What, and Leading Data Informed Change in Schools published by Hawker Brownlow Education. In 2019, She was named a recipient of ACEL’s New Voice Scholarship and GFEL’s Top 50 organizations in Education.

Anja Carron

International Student Exchange Program Partner and Advisor

As an original thinker and compassionate global citizen, Anja founded Theia International to enable young people opportunities to develop the mindset needed for creating a sustainable, harmonious, difference in our globalized society. She feels it is imperative for youth to re-connect with nature and tradition in order to re- imagine current systems and develop human-centered innovations. Anja developed programs of THEIA to inspire and enable the leaders of tomorrow by sending them out into uncharted territories of new ideas and insane potential through a blend of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Global Citizenship Education and Environmental Education. Anja has worked at the crossroads between the capital market and non- profit sector, health care/education, new technologies/design, ecology and sustainability. Her previous experiences include Asset Management Company Director, Lead IPO and Investor Relations Director and founder of advisory networks in Reputation Management and a CSR Think Tank. She is a renowned lawyer, award winning campaigner and branding strategist (including Mario Götze; world champion footballer, Pope Benedikt XVI, Gerhard Schröder, former German chancellor).In December 2019, Anja was nominated by the ZEIT-Foundation for the Marion Doenhoff prize for International Understanding and Reconciliation and awarded as one of the Top 100 Leaders in Education by GFEL in Dubai.

Dina Mottiez

Personalized Learning Solutions Expert and Advisor

Dina Mottiez is a 34-year-old teacher passionate of contributing to education. She has been practicing her profession in a high school for 9 years in Geneva, Switzerland, and teaches French literature and media sociology to students aged 16 to 20. Dina studied at the University of Geneva and obtained three master degrees between 2011 and 2015, in Communication and Media, French literature and pedagogy. Concerned about the success of her students especially those who have learning difficulties ,require additional time to assimilate knowledge and suffer from lack attention, she sought an alternative to academic teaching. Hence, she began to take a close interest in academic support and individual support especially to help such students. She believes that the educator-student relationship is above all a relationship between two human beings who must trust each other so that the transmission of knowledge takes place at best. Moreover, that it is necessary to focus more on setting up a universe that promotes social emotional learning so that the student is an actor in his/her own education. In December 2015, accompanied by a team of enthusiasts, she founded Bulbee, an application that allows the connection between learners and teachers. She has been successful in creating a community of people who were interested in teaching and challenging the norms of who can teach, for Bulbee allows anyone interested in teaching to offer their services. She leads the venture alongside with her teaching activity and propagates the Bulbee App for learners seeking individual learning support.

Shravan Shetty

Career Coach & Advisor

Shravan Shetty has over 14 years’ experience working on both large impact and one on one mentoring programs as a management consultant & career coach. A MBA from Ohio University with immersion in NLP, Transactional analysis & behavioral training best practices, he brings an integrated approach to his career mentoring practice. His contribution to architecture and content of in-school programs on life skills and leadership has impacted quarter of a million school students across India. He has delivered close to 5000 plus training hours on career readiness and employability skills across several higher education institutions. His corporate Training and startup consulting work portfolio encompasses contribution to productivity and growth to 75 Plus companies. He has been a past jury member of the CNBC NSE young pioneer business idea Challenge. He has designed and deployed career readiness programs in Middle East and South East Asia for Schools, colleges and corporates. He has 120 plus successful assists on SOPs for students applying to universities across the globe.

Dr. Binu Stanley

Career Mentor & Advisor

Dr. Binu Stanley is a seasoned HR professional with over 18 years of experience in the corporate world. She has held various leadership positions such as HR Manager in Citibank's Shelters, Head of Learning & Development in Dimexon Group, a renowned global diamantaire, GM - HRM in ZF Windpower India and member of the global management team of ZF, Germany. Her passion is to enable individuals to identify strengths and achieve success in their areas of interest. She has mentored numerous executives for career progression. Following her entrepreneurial dreams, Dr. Binu is currently a startup entrepreneur in the hospitality sector in Trivandrum. Amidst her busy schedule, she facilitates interventions in the learning, development and leadership areas for various reputed corporate organizations. She is widely travelled and has addressed conferences, conducted workshops besides having taught HRM in many Business Schools. She is certified in Thomas Assessments Personal Profile Analysis which provides insights on how individuals interact and identify their areas of development. She holds a PhD in the area of HRM.

Rathi Menon

Educationist and Advisor

Rathi Menon is a dedicated educationist who is passionate about transforming education and integrating values in pedagogy to help students imbibe the right attitude and skills. She has a multifaceted career from being an Advocate in Civil Law to impacting education and administration with her role as Principal across several prominent schools in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu like Pon Vidyashram (PSBB Group of Schools), ABS Group of Schools and Chinmaya Vidyalaya. Under her leadership the CBSE affiliation was granted to many schools. As an active member in administration decision making, she has participated in and conducted many prestigious seminars, conferences and workshops focus on attaining top notch performance of students. Rathi’s significant achievements have been winning the Ideal Principal award instituted by the Students Development Society (Maharashtra) and the Ideal Principal award by the Kala Bharathi in 2009-2010 ; Best Principal by the Mylapore Academy, Indian Development Council, Chennai and by the Kala Bharathi in 2010-2011 for encouraging the students to contribute the maximum for the social causes. She has also authored textbooks that focus on in life skills as part of the curriculum for CBSE and ICSE boards. She holds a bachelor’s degrees in Education as well as Law and a master’s degree in Political Science.