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Why Us

We collaborate with you and your child to co-create a successful academic career.

Our mentoring programs adopt a unique model of self-discovery as a basis to lay one’s own career path. Our programs are designed to help students at various stages of high school – as early as 9th grade, and those at college.

Parenting Style

Work with Experiential learning experts with vast global experience to understand your parenting style and equip yourself to nurture the best in your child to help shape a bright future. Gain awareness of your parenting values and insights about your beliefs to improve your interactions with your child.

Learning Style

Identify your child’s learning style through this exclusive program widely used in the US to help children discover their potential, improve academic performance and their interaction with the outer world. Empower your child to become a lifelong learner by playing an active role as a parent in the journey towards excellence.


Help your child to improve career competencies using the detailed analysis done through Tools and techniques proven effective globally and combined with our exclusive own frameworks. Use the detailed parenting style report to improve your communication and relationship with your child.

How it Works


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Our Services

Career mentoring

We provide structured and personalized mentoring for students to make the right career choice, acquire key life skills, understand their learning styles, improve academic performance and chart a successful academic career path.

Study abroad

We deliver customized support for College Life Prep, Profile Building, Application Process, Admission Formalities and College Life Prep for students aspiring to study undergraduate or postgraduate courses in USA and Europe.

Parent prep

We offer prep counselling and advice for parents who desire to send their children abroad. We assist in: formulation of financial plans, know how on funding education abroad and orientation to parental role in successful admission and graduation.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."
- Albert Einstein


What our Students and Parents are Saying

The US undergraduate college admission process is, like everyone knows, very lengthy and complicated. My Mentor, Dr. Arthi has been source of constant support and guidance throughout the entirety of this process. She really helped me break it down to make it look simpler and more achievable than normally conceived. She encouraged me to plan and organize everything which is an integral part of this whole process. She provided me with tons of material to refer, different ideas to look into and constantly encouraged me to explore and learn. Aside from that I think she's a huge help because it is really easy to talk to her, ask your questions and get your doubts cleared. She identifies your weaknesses, your strengths and your preferences and uses them to help you choose the best college for you. Honestly, I couldn't have done this without her and I am eternally grateful.

Rohit Jammu

Mentee, Arise, Awake, Achieve! Program

Just like any other parent, I was really worried seeing my daughter Adhithi confused on what to study further. Just then we knew of Future Edu through one of our friends. After a couple of meetings, Adhithi was clear on her direction and that was a total relief. I was really impressed with the method Future Edu works – understand the competencies, choose your career and then prepare for it and also the support they render in helping the child to choose a field of their interest. I thank Future Edu for their guidance.

Niveditha Ramprasad

Parent, Design your Future program

When I first came to meet my Mentor Dr Arthi, little did I know that , I will gain an insight about my abilities, my merits/ strength, and my personality traits. I had a whole new experience of seeing life in a broader perspective. I was confused about what and where to do after completing my school education. She gave me good guidance of the options that I could explore in a most positive manner keeping my interests in loop. Summing up, the mentoring program has helped me to grow as a better person….I will always remember her as the most warm person I have ever met. It's a mentoring program with a motherly touch.

N P Tharun

Mentee, Power Mentoring Program

I enjoyed the program which helped me to choose my career, to know myself and proved that every child has great potential. They helped every student to discover the pulp (substance) in the student. This session really helped me to discover myself. Hope all the students in the world get this and grab opportunities to know about themselves. This program finds the good in you and brings it out.

Shri Subiksha

Participant, Your Mentor@School, ANAN Kids Academy

Attending the career camp has been something that made me realize that there's more to me and my personality than that meets the eye. A career is something that not only yields money to meet our ends but it also important because it shapes our personality continuously and is something that we are passionate about( moreover should be). Now, in High School is the right time to shape the paths of our career and Future Edu has helped me realize this and make the right decision. Thank you!

Anumitha Jayaram

Participant - Career Camp

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